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New Zealand Launches A+ Sustainable Aquaculture Standard

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NEW ZEALAND - New Zealands aquaculture industry is building further on its sustainability credentials by launching A+, the new standard of sustainable aquaculture.

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"A+ is a world class sustainable management framework which enables the New Zealand aquaculture industry to better engage with our communities and continuously improve our environmental practices while strengthening global demand for our seafood,” commented Ted Culley, Aquaculture New Zealand’s Deputy Chair.

“It will be a comprehensive framework of environmental standards, key performance indicators, a self-reporting system and third party audits, which will give the New Zealand public and our international markets further confidence in our environmental integrity.”

Andrew Hay, oyster industry spokesperson added: “As marine and freshwater farmers we're proud of our role as guardians of this place and its people -notjust for now, but for future generations. A+ gives us a set of tools to help us improve on, and tell the story ofthis role.”

Janine Tulloch, Chair of the New Zealand Salmon Farmers Association commented: “I think this is a great initiative as it conveysa whole lot more than just environmental management. It implies social, people, community, food safety and much more.”

Aquaculture New Zealand Chief Executive Gary Hooper, acknowledged the considerable support the industry had received from the Ministry for Primary Industries’ Sustainable Farming Fund.

“MPI have recognised the importance of this programme for reinforcing the industry’s reputation for supremely sustainable seafood. A+ helps us prove that New Zealand’s mussels, salmon and oysters are environmentally friendly, premium quality and raised in a pristine environment.”