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New Trawl Door Delivering Great Results for Icelandic Fishermen

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ICELAND - A new type of trawl door developed by Morgre and designed to fish close to the seabed has proved successful for a number of Icelandic skippers since its launch one-and-a-half years ago.

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The PV3L Door is an adaptation of the highly successful PV3 Door, which is already widely used by fishermen and whose design has evolved over the years based on the company’s extensive research and development programme.

The new PV3L version has a lower centre of gravity than the PV3 enabling it fish closer to the bottom, making it ideal for catching groundfish and prawns. The design provides excellent stability and constant distance between the wings on either side of the trawl, whilst the louvers on the front of the doors deliver an optimum angle of attack.

Skipper Guðmundsson Margeir of the Skinney SF, uses 3.57sqm PV3L doors for his two 170ft trawls (headline length), which he uses for prawn fishing. He says: "They are good and do everything that we expected; powerful and stable, easy to shoot and manoeuvre, they are lighter to tow compared to previous doors of similar size and weight that we have used before.”

Skipper Bragason Baldur of the Stigandi VE, is also impressed by the performance of his 3.21sqm PV3L doors. "They do exactly what they are supposed to do, powerful and effective and good to handle. They are also powerful. I have only being using them for a month and I am satisfied so far."

Ólafsson Sigurður, the skipper of the Sigurdur Olafsson SF, says: "I am overall satisfied with the PV3L and how they perform. Their size fits perfectly with my gear, and is effective and sits well, enabling me to use less warp length than before.”

Skipper Magnússon Rúnar of the shrimp trawler Sóley SH also has praise for his 6.28sqm PV3L doors. He says: "They are fine doors, powerful and stable, easy to shoot, and as from as soon as they touch the surface they spread constantly on their way down."

Following a recent visit to Ireland by Morgère, a number of Irish skippers are also now showing strong interest in the PV3L.

Michel Dagorn, director of Morgère, said: “Our philosophy is to work with fishermen to develop trawl doors that suit their specific requirements - and the PV3L is a direct result of this strategy. We are delighted that the design is working well and providing good catches for fishermen.”