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New R & D Facility for Live Fish

2 February 2012, at 12:00am

NORWAY - Fisheries and Coastal Affairs Minister, Lisbeth Berg-Hansen, has opened a new research facility for the live storage of fish and shellfish in Atlantic Park in lesund.

The test facility will be used to acquire new knowledge about how to save and transport marine fish and shellfish. The facility will also be used for dissemination and educational purposes.

"The plant can be used to produce important new knowledge, whether the goal is to bring out fresh crayfish to discerning customers in Europe, or to store and transport the wrasse for use in the aquaculture industry," says Ms Berg-Hansen.

"We know that one of the main challenges ahead for the seafood industry is to be especially talented young people interested in choosing seafood that work path. I am sure that when young people get the opportunity to become better acquainted with seafood and marine resources through research facility such as this - so it increases the industry's appeal," says Ms Berg-Hansen.

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