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New partnership aims for improved tilapia welfare standards

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A new partnership agreement between FAI and Spring Genetics aims to promote improved welfare standards for farmed tilapia, with a particular focus across the Americas.

Tilapia welfare assessment.
Spring Genetics staff will receive welfare-focussed training through the partnership with FAI

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A new partnership has been launched between FAI - an aquaculture welfare research organisation - and Tilapia breeding specialist Spring Genetics to promote and enhance tilapia welfare standards in the aquaculture sector.

The new partnership is an important step in the journey towards creating a more sustainable, welfare-driven aquaculture industry, particularly across the Americas. Its significance is underscored by the challenges facing the tilapia industry, including higher mortality rates due to disease outbreaks and the impacts of global warming.

“Welfare is crucial to improving fish performance, alongside genetics, nutrition, and health management. FAI's expertise and user-friendly tools will greatly benefit our work in the industry and help us improve animal welfare with greater ease and efficiency,” commented Hideyoshi Segovia-Uno, chief executive and co-owner of Spring Genetics, in a press-release announcing the partnership.

“I’ve long admired FAI’s work and by partnering with them we aim to enhance tilapia welfare across our breeding sites and among our clients,” he explained.

The Miami-based tilapia breeding company operates with the goal of improving tilapia genetic traits to increase productivity and sustainability for tilapia farmers worldwide, with a particular focus on North, Central and South America. Through the new partnership, Spring Genetics will receive specific welfare-focused training from FAI experts as well as use of FAI’s Tilapia Welfare assessment app.

To mark the start of the new partnership Spring Genetics staff attended a ‘train the trainers’ workshop delivered by FAI’s director Murillo Quintiliano and aquaculture programme manager, Dr Sara Barrento. The workshop gave a detailed overview of tilapia welfare practices by introducing the Tilapia Welfare App, providing an overview of FAI’s e-learning resources, and outlining the benefits of maintaining good tilapia welfare.

“We are opening farmers’ eyes to new ways of growing tilapia. This partnership will facilitate knowledge exchange and collaboration across the industry, paving the way for improvement in aquaculture practices,” said Quintiliano.

“In time, we will extend our collaborative efforts into Spanish-speaking countries in Central and South America, complementing existing activities in Brazil and beyond. This partnership will be a catalyst for positive change throughout the region” he concluded.

FAI and Spring Genetics are now planning a series of aquaculture events in Central America, beginning with the Global Tilapia Leaders conference in San Salvador, El Salvador.

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