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New head for fishmeal body

13 November 2017, at 1:51pm

Eduardo Goycoolea will replace Mike Copeland as President of the IFFO, following the results of elections for the marine ingredients’ organisation’s new management board.

The Chilean will start in his new role on 1 January, and will be supported by Vice President Anne Mette Bæk Jespersen, from Denmark.

Eduardo Goycoolea
Eduardo Goycoolea


“I look forward to leading such a well renowned and important organisation,” said Mr Goycoolea. “I have worked closely with IFFO for decades and watched it become the networking heart of our industry, while also being a driver for change. Working with our Management Board and the IFFO Secretariat, I hope to continue its vital work to ensure that as an industry we remain ahead of the curve.”

Mrs Bæk Jespersen noted: “Innovation and sustainability and getting the right products to the right markets are key to the future development of the fishmeal and fish oil industry. I consider international cooperation vital for the long-term success of the industry and I look forward to working closely with the president, the board and the secretariat in the interest of all IFFO members.”

Anne Mette Bæk Jespersen
Anne Mette Bæk Jespersen


IFFO’s Director General Andrew Mallison added: “I would like to congratulate both Eduardo and Anne Mette on their appointments and we look forward to working closely with them. I would also like to thank our current President Mike Copeland, who with his many years of experience in the industry has been an excellent guide and representative for IFFO through these fast-moving couple of years.”

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IFFO’s Producer members elected representatives for their countries to the board in September. The full board for 2018-2019 is as follows:

  • Peru: Humberto Speziani, Walter Martinez, Gonzalo De Romaña and Fernando Ribaudo
  • Chile: Felipe Zaldivar, Eduardo Goycoolea, and Juan Carlos Ferrer
  • Denmark: Anne Mette Bæk Jespersen
  • Norway: Arnt-Ove Hoddevik
  • Iceland: Johann Peter Andersen
  • USA: Jostein Rortveit
  • Rest of the world: Mike Copeland and Helge Korsager

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