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New Feed Supply for Tilapia

by 5m Editor
7 September 2010, at 1:00a.m.

COLOMBIA - Researchers from the University of Cauca in Colombia are working on the development of a new feed supply for red tilapia.

The research project, led by Críspulo Perea Román and Yeny Judith Garcés Caicedo, aims to generate greater profitability from fish farming in La Salvajina, by cutting feed costs according to a report from the Fish Infromation Service.

The research shows that the fish waste can be a good source of nutrition during the final phase of harvesting and this novel method of feeding could also help reduce the environmental impact generated by the improper disposal of waste from fish farming.

The research team has evaluated the apparent digestibility and zootechnical parameters measured in the fattening stage of red tilapia in metabolic cages, the report says.

The team has developed a prototype of the cage to reduce the levels of stress on the fish. The team has also managed to reduce losses of fish and reduce the breakdown of nutrients - protein - in the fish waste.

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