New Bio-Control Water Treatment for Healthier Water

12 September 2016, at 1:00am

IRELAND - Following the recent successful introduction of its revolutionary Ammonia controlling FirstBIO product, Bio-Industries Ltd. of Dublin, Ireland is doing it again with the release of PolyBIO an innovative natural Probiotic anti-microbial water treatment proven to promote the growth of beneficial bacteria while reducing levels of bad disease causing bacteria in aquaculture systems.

Healthy fish depend on healthy water conditions and healthy water conditions depend on the presence of beneficial microorganisms that maintain the water’s ecobalance which is nature’s way of assuring healthy water conditions.

When water conditions are out of balance the potential for problems exist and can multiply very

Treating the diseased fish with chemicals and medications such as antibiotics is an after the fact remedy because the underlying cause “unhealthy water conditions” is not being addressed. Therefore, taking preventative steps as part of the overall programme to maintain healthy water quality is always better than trying to deal with the resulting problems once thy occur.

PolyBIO™ is different to other bacterial water treatment products because it doesn’t work through “competitive exclusion”, it produces antimicrobial compounds which can interrupt the growth of many bad bacteria and decrease the colonisation of these pathogens. This action helps to re-establish and maintain the eco-balance making the water healthier for fish.

With PolyBIO™ it is now easier to maintain healthier water conditions throughout the growing cycle and not have to rely on the use of chemical and antibiotic solutions to treat sick fish. PolyBIO™ has been successfully used in a variety of aquaculture applications. It has been shown to reduce levels of disease causing bacteria in a wide range of operating conditions.

So now aquaculture operators have a new proven tool to help maintain healthier water conditions. PolyBIO™ is a very cost effective ultra-concentrate and usage rates are based on water volume or filter capacity. It is simply added to the water or filter as required and during restocking and after medications.