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New Aquatic Animals Import Regulations

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CANADA - As of 10 December, 2011, there will be new requirements for all aquatic animals (finfish, molluscs and crustaceans) imported into Canada.

These new import permit requirements represent a significant regulatory change for importers of aquatic animals to Canada. Because of this, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is implementing a Stream of Commerce Policy.

The policy will be in effect until 10 December, 2012 to allow for a transition period before the import permit requirements are enforced.

During this transition period, the CFIA will:

  • provide information on the new requirements for an aquatic animal health permit,
  • advise importers of aquatic animals on where and how to obtain all of the required permits and other documentation,
  • issue import permits.

Foreign trading partners will also be informed of their obligations for providing export certification during this transition period.

The CFIA will take enforcement action if there is a risk of introducing a significant aquatic animal disease into Canadian waters.

After 10 December, 2012, a CFIA permit will be required for any species listed in Schedule III of the Health of Animals Regulations. Without this permit, a shipment could be refused entry into Canada.