Morubel/Ristic and Telson Enter Joint Venture

27 April 2016, at 1:00am

EUROPE - GBC, owner of the Belgian Morubel nv and the German Ristic GmbH has become a co-shareholder of the Dutch Telson B.V. GBC will take a 50 per cent stake in Telson B.V.

This means that the group of companies will have a strong position in the frozen tropical shrimp market and Morubel and Ristic will also have access to the chilled segment.

From this combination a wider range of shrimp can be offered since Telson is mainly active in the field of unpeeled and peeled North Sea shrimp (Crangon crangon), also known as brown shrimp.

Moreover, Telson has a unique position in machine peeled North Sea shrimp. For this, the company works exclusively with GPC Kant, who designed and developed the peeling machines.

Telson, based in Leens, will move together with the company of the Kant family to a new building in Lauwersoog, Netherlands.

After 25 years of intensive development specifically aimed to increase efficiency, the machines are now so sophisticated that in the near future a 100.000kg of shrimp will be machine-peeled per week in the brand new production area. In a few years a further capacity increase might be feasible.

This is a major breakthrough in the field of machine peeled North Sea shrimp making a return trip to Morocco no longer necessary for a considerable volume of shrimp.

With this development, the group of shrimp companies takes another important step in the area of sustainability: PURE BUSINESS in all its aspects.

The management of the joint venture will consist of Rob Pikkert, current Director of Telson B.V. and Edo Abels, MD of Morubel nv and Ristic GmbH. In addition, thanks to the contribution and long experience of the Nienhuis family we can claim a strong combination of forces.