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Minister Defends New Law to Boost Aquaculture

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BRAZIL - The Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture, Marcelo Crivelli, gave a lecture in So Paulo on the "National Plan for the Development of Aquaculture No Impact on waters under federal jurisdiction" which aims to regulate and ensure a greater dynamism to the development of aquaculture in reservoirs and the ocean, without causing negative impacts to the environment.

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Thus, the country will be better structured to take advantage of its extraordinary potential for the fishery, which is the main market of animal protein in the world.

The proposal provides authorisation for the installation of parks and aquaculture in waters under federal jurisdiction (hydro lakes, ponds, dams and coastal areas) up to 0.5 per cent of the water depth of the sources without the need of prior licensing by the state agencies and municipal environment.

From the use of above 0.5 per cent until reaching a maximum one per cent utilisation (as the current legal authorisation), the settlement would be subject to analysis of environmental agencies.

The cultivation of fish will increase the supply of healthy food to the population and generate jobs and income throughout the production chain. The increase in production will also have a positive influence on the Brazilian trade balance.

In summary, this authorisation will provide greater speed deployment of aquaculture projects in the country, which has the largest volume of fresh water in the world (13 per cent) and an extensive coastline.

Despite this potential, today the country relies on imports of fish to meet a domestic demand that is still below the level recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), around 12 pounds per person/year. Brazilians consume on average 10 pounds per year.

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