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Minister Calls for Staged New Rules for Setting Fish Quotas and Ending Discards

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IRELAND - Minister Simon Coveney has outlined the major issues of importance for Ireland in the preparation for setting Quotas for 2016 at the EU Agriculture and Fisheries Council.

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The Council of Ministers also agreed it’s position on the proposed Regulations for the production and labelling of organic products. The next step is to secure the agreement of the European Parliament to these proposals.

Minister Coveney welcomed the fact that the state of fish stocks generally is improving and reiterated his commitment that all fish stocks should reach the target of maximum sustainable yield (MSY) by 2020.

The Minister pointed out that “building fish stocks to maximum sustainable yield levels will benefit both the fishing industry and the environment and help secure the future.”

Minister Coveney said: “The fishing industry is facing into a period of change with the new policies agreed under the reformed CFP in 2013 now being implemented. The setting of fish quotas in line with new scientific rules is being rolled out and the Discards ban for whitefish stocks will commence on 1 January 2016. I am working to deliver these new policies on a rational and progressive basis over the next four years so that we deliver fully on the commitment for a new fully sustainable fishing industry by 2020.“

Mr Coveney continued: “We must not apply these new policies as a “big bang” in 2016. What I am seeking from the EU Commission is a step by step approach which will give industry time to adjust to the new approach. If we look to 2020 and beyond I am confident that we will have moved the industry to a much stronger situation with fish stocks rebuilt and the unacceptable practices of discarding fish at sea ended. I made clear to the Commission that 2016 should be an important step on the path and TACs must be set on this stepwise basis, incrementally applying the new scientific rules by setting TACs so as to reach maximum sustainable yields by 2020.”

A Discards Plan for Whitefish stocks in the waters around Ireland has been agreed by Member States following intensive negotiations chaired by Ireland. The Plan, which was developed in consultation with stakeholders, involves the phasing in of the discards ban over the 2016 to 2019 period.

Minister Coveney said: “The first phase of the implementation of the Discards ban which comes into effect on 1 January 2016 will require adjustment and changed practices by the fishing industry. To support operators, the Department and marine agencies will work with them in finding practical approaches to adjust to this new policy and I am making funding available to help them meet the new challenges.”

Referring to the agreement reached on proposed regulations for the organic sector, the Minister concluded by saying: “I am delighted we have reached agreement in Council on the regulations for the production and labelling of organic produce. This is particularly important for Ireland in light of the numbers who have applied for the Organic Farming Scheme under our Rural Development Programme announced earlier today by my colleague Minister of State Tom Hayes. These regulations provide clear rules for the organic sector and a good basis for negotiations with the European Parliament”.