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Minister Advocates a Compromise on Fishing Discards

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SPAIN - The Minister of Agriculture, Food and Environment, Miguel Arias Caete has expressed the need to reach a compromise on fishing discards that takes into account the reality of the Spanish fishing fleet.

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"We support responsible management of marine resources and sustainability in fisheries, but we are also aware that there is a fleet which is to ensure current levels of operation with maximum compliance with Community law," he stressed.

Therefore, the Minister added: "We will talk to the rest of our colleagues to achieve a solution that can suit everyone, ensuring the sustainability of the marine environment but, in turn, establishing mechanisms that allow rational management responsible for the effort." Mr Caete stressed that Spain "Would like to be in the final compromise, but to ensure that our fleet is a reasonable possibility of operating with operating levels as close to the present."

Mr Caete was speaking at the entrance of the Extraordinary Council of Fisheries, yesterday (12 June) in Luxembourg, where he said that Spain is a major fishing power, with a specific problem that has not been resolved since joining the EU, "and what would be an absurdity is that a country would be the only loser of the reform," he stressed.

On the issue of maximum sustainable yields, Mr Caete expected to set a reasonable date of entry into force and more flexibility in the modalities of implementation.

The Minister also noted the need to address the issue of transferable fishing rights in relation to artisanal fleets.

Finally, Mr Canete said he hoped the fisheries agreements with Mauritania and Morocco would be closed as soon as possible, "especially as support for the fishermen who have been forced to suspend work in Morocco are due on the fourteenth day and should try to renew them to avoid being prejudiced financially," he concluded.