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McDonald's Showcases Innovative, Sustainable Suppliers

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GLOBAL - McDonalds announced its 2014 Best of Sustainable Supply winners in a report highlighting how suppliers achieved significant results by identifying opportunities and applying sustainable solutions in diverse places around the world.

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Jose Armario
Jose Armario, Executive Vice President, McDonald’s Global Supply Chain, Development & Franchising

McDonald’s leadership and industry experts recognized sustainable accomplishments across eight platforms:

  • Climate Change and Energy
  • Water
  • Waste
  • Land and Biodiversity
  • Human Health and Welfare
  • Animal Health and Welfare
  • Community Impact
  • Economics

“This year, we are delighted to honor 36 suppliers and 51 projects that represent real innovation toward a more sustainable supply chain,” said Jose Armario, executive vice president, McDonald’s Global Supply Chain, Development & Franchising. "Innovation is key to our CSR and sustainability journey, and McDonald’s suppliers have an impressive track record of innovating for what we call sustainability’s three Es: ethics, environment, and economics.”

McDonald’s “2014 Best of Sustainable Supply” report highlights include:

EspersenCommunity Impact

The Campbell Soup Company led a “Just Peachy” project that re-purposed fruit to raise non-profit funds and combat hunger.

Through innovation and collaboration, the Lamb Weston / Meijer team created Innowater (renewed water), a technology to purify water to reuse in manufacturing processes.

ConAgra Foods established the “Zero Waste Champion” Recognition Program. The award is earned by facilities that have diverted at least 95% of solid waste from landfills during the fiscal year and continuously strive to further reduce waste through process modifications and diversion of materials for the most beneficial reuse.

Climate Change and Energy
The Coca-Cola Company routed orange juice from a processing facility to a bottling plant via an underground, 1.2 mile pipeline.

It has eliminated the need for an average of 70 tanker trucks per day and provides cost savings and reduces the company’s carbon emissions by approximately 20 million tons per year.

"McDonald's "2014 Best of Sustainable Supply" report is important because it identifies best practices and solutions that contribute to addressing the challenges agriculture now faces," said Roland Bonney, FAI Farms Executive Director. "These types of actions support the next steps to evolving our farming and food supply systems to meet the economic, environmental and ethical needs that make up a sustainable food chain."

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You can view the McDonald's 2014 Best of Sustainable Supply report by clicking here.

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