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Maltese Fishing Industry Receives 8.4 million

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MALTA - The EU is providing over 8 million in funds for the Maltese fisheries industry for the period 2007-2013, according to an operational programme for the industry approved by the European Commission.

The total public expenditure approved for the programme amounts to €11.2 million. Through the European Fisheries Fund, the EU will be financing 75 per cent, or €8.4 million, reports Di-ve.

The news organisation says that the EU has identified 5 priority axes for its fishing industry, out of which 4 are applicable to Malta.

The first priority is the adaptation of the fishing fleet, which includes fleet modernisation and staff training to improve working conditions, enhance safety and reduce emissions. The Maltese programme will allocate €2.9 million to this task.

The development and sustainability of the aquaculture, processing and marketing sectors will receive €2.3 million.

Nearly €5.5 million will be allocated to measures which will help meet the objectives of the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy. In Malta, this will serve to develop a new fish market to replace the current one, to upgrade fisheries infrastructure at 7 port locations and to develop promotional campaigns which aim to ease the pressure on overfished stocks, such as tuna, by promoting underutilised species and new products.