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Malta Experiences Drop in Fish Landings

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MALTA - During the second quarter this year, the volume and wholesale value of fish landings declined by 24.6 and 18.5 per cent respectively over the comparative period in 2014.

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Fish landings in the second quarter amounted to 187,078 kilograms, down by 24.6 per cent over the comparative period in 2014.

This was due to drops in almost all the landings except for stone bass which registered an increase of 17.9 per cent.

Similarly, the wholesale value of landings declined by 18.5 per cent to €1.5 million.

Regional overview Maltese fishermen landed 169,780 kilograms, a decrease of 22.5 per cent over 2014.

Landings of Maltese fishermen accounted for 90.8 per cent of total landings. The two main species landed, swordfish and blue fin tuna decreased by 14.8 and 45.5 per cent respectively.

The wholesale value of fresh fish landings by Maltese fishermen amounted to €1.4 million, a decrease of 16.1 per cent over the same quarter last year.

Fish landings by Gozitan fishermen declined by 40.4 per cent over the comparative period a year earlier. This was mainly brought about by drops in blue fin tuna (84.5 per cent) and swordfish (59.5 per cent), as well as in most other species.

In contrast, increases of 53.4 and 47.8 per cent were registered for stone bass and bogue respectively.

In terms of volume, landings by Gozitan fishermen comprised 9.2 per cent of total landings. Wholesale value amounted to €105,336, a drop of 41.6 per cent over the second quarter of 2014.