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Malawi Develops Programme to Monitor Fish Trade

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MALAWI - Malawi has developed a fish trade programme to help monitor exports of fish commodities in the country.

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According to WorldFish, which is involved in the programme, Malawi is among the countries in Africa whose movement of fish is not highly monitored, reports TheTimes.

WorldFish Programme Manager, Sloans Chimatiro, cited poor trade regulations as one of the major setbacks in trying to monitor exports of fish.

“The project aims to improve food security and reduce poverty through intra-regional fish trade in sub-Saharan Africa. The reason fish trade is not really monitored in the country could be a result of cumbersome procedures involved in the exports, the calibre of people involved in the exports and lack of knowledge among the masses on rules and regulations involved in fish trade,” he said.

Mr Chimatiro further said, Malawi has one of the best fish demand across the continent but was quick to say government does not know how much money it makes through exports of some of the fish species from Lake Malawi.

“What I recommend is that, firstly, we need to design the process of monitoring the movement of the fish so that the fish can be recorded. Secondly, we need to provide incentives to these people that are involved.

“Another important thing is to simplify the forms for exports, make the process very simple, for instance, if someone is in Mangochi, they should be able to have inspection done right there in Mangochi and permit should be issued in Mangochi as well so that one can save time,” he said.