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Lobster Notching Programme Returns

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US - Students from the Aquaculture and the Sound School in New Haven , Bridgeport, are to restart a scheme to notch Long Island Sound's diminishing supply of female lobsters.

The scheme, which was first started four years ago, is designed to help protect and sustain lobster populations.

The programme, which had to end when funds ran out before, is retuning in a scaled down fashion, according to a report in the CT Post.

The students from Aquaculture and the Sound School in New Haven will mark previously harvested female lobsters by clipping their tail and recording sizes.

The clipped lobsters will then be returned to the Sound on the research vessels. The notch will ensure the lobster has a year or two to grow and reproduce before being harvested, the report says.

The new programme is funded by a $150,000 state grant, compares to $1.1 million given by the state Legislature in 2006.

The aquaculture school will also work to develop a hatchery effort to raise American lobsters from Long Island Sound stock.