Life Insurance to be Mandatory for All Fishermen

3 February 2015, at 12:00am

CHILE - As of the 9 February 2015, all fishermen, vessel owners, crew and shellfish divers, under 65, and with extractive operations, must have life insurance against the risk of accidental death and disability.

Sernapesca reported that this insurance helps families financially after the death of a loved one and, in case of accidents which may result in disability, the insurance helps cover the costs which are generated by the inability of the insured to continue working.

Each crewmember must demonstrate to the Maritime Authority (Harbormaster and/or mayors of Mar) tenure of compulsory insurance at the time of departure, who will authorize the departure only if its entire crew has this insurance. (ARTICLE 50 C, General Law on Fisheries and Aquaculture).

How do you get the compulsory insurance?

For the insurance, you should go to a financial institution (banks, insurance companies, etc.) and request the Recruitment Insurance Form AP Fishermen and Aquaculture, and complete the required data.

For further inquiries about this compulsory insurance and banks that offer this service, artisanal fishermen, owners, crew and shellfish divers can approach the nearest Sernapesca office.