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Laser bird repellent shows promise for Mississippi aquaculture operators

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An innovative laser bird control technology is being successfully deployed in Mississippi, in response to the threat that white egrets pose to the state's fish farms.

AVIX Autonomic Mark II. robotic laser bird repellent system © Bird Control Group

The AVIX Autonomic Mark II, a laser bird deterrent system, has gained popularity among fish farmers for its use of green lights to disrupt bird behaviour and effectively deter them from the environment without causing any physical harm. Distributed by In-Situ Environmental and created by Bird Control Group, these lasers are deployed on Mississippi fish farms, including Bear Creek Fisheries and Harvest Select Catfish.

Bear Creek Fisheries, known for nurturing juvenile and food-grade fish, has struggled with egrets disrupting feeding routines. According to spokesperson Andy Jones: "Birds consume 10 to 15 percent of our fish annually, driving up costs significantly."

Harvest Select Catfish regularly experiences thousands of egrets, resulting in massive fish loss and financial burden. Jonathan Henderson, farm manager, explained, "We estimate a 10 percent loss, which equates to $750,000 worth of fish or more."

With both farms having successfully implemented the AVIX Autonomic Mark II laser bird repellent system, they claim the system has already demonstrated profit saving results, whilst ensuring sustainability.

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