Labeyrie to Acquire 50 per cent Stake in Aqualande

12 November 2015, at 12:00am

FRANCE - Labeyrie Fine Foods has entered into an agreement to acquire 50 per cent of Groupe Aqualande, in a move to help strengthen and develop France's aquaculture sector.

The partnership between the two companies will allow them to consolidate knowledge and expertise of fish smoking and preparation.

It will also strengthen Aqualande's role as a European forerunner in fresh and saltwater aquaculture.

Within the aquaculture sector, the two partners expect to invest in new types of closed-circuit farming and a new smoking factory.

The acquisition will also see the development of the trout industry in the Landes region, and especially in Roquefort, through trout farming and the production of smoked trout.

The investment will also help to create 150 new jobs.

The partnership is now subject to approval by the French Competition Authority.