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Kiotech Receives Certification for Aquatice

by 5m Editor
10 January 2008, at 12:00a.m.

EUROPE - Kiotech International has been granted a Manufacture and Free Sale Certificate by the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) for its fish feeding attractant Aquatice.

This approval will allow Kiotech to market the product range throughout the European Union without the need for any further registration procedures.

The company has already established links with potential distributors in Europe and the granting of this certificate in the UK should significantly accelerate the registration process in other countries. It will be particularly significant tin the developments of markets in Asia and Latin America, which account for around 80 per cent of world aquaculture production.

Richard Rose, Chairman of Kiotech International said that this was another very important step forward for Kiotech, its committment to the aquaculture industry and its innovative approach to product development.

"It underlines the commercial logic of our acquisition of Agil whose regulatory department played a key role in achieving this certification. It enables us to move quickly towards the commercialisation and sale of this important range of products, he added.

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