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Investor sought by Jurassic Salmon

26 September 2018, at 11:30am

Polish fish farmer Jurassic Salmon is on the look-out for an investor to support the further development of its fish farm in Janowo, according to senior company representatives.

The land-based farm, which has a production capacity of 1,000 tonnes a year, was developed with finance obtained from the European Union’s Cohesion Funds. Most recently, Jurassic Salmon secured some PLN 1.75 million (€410,000) in funds from the EU’s Operational Programme for Fisheries and Sea (OPFS) this allowed the Polish business to purchase essential equipment for the farm in Janowo.

Jurassic Salmon have the capacity to produce 1000 tonnes of fish a year
Jurassic Salmon have the capacity to produce 1000 tonnes of fish a year

"The funds that we obtained from the European Union put no constraints on us, so we can continue to develop and try out various sources of EU funding, but also negotiate with potential entities interested in joint investments in modern aquaculture. We want to talk with all interested parties… and we know what potential lies within sustainable aquaculture," Tomasz Karapuda, the president of the company’s management board and its co-founder, told local news site "We already have some experience [in fish farming], some know-how that we fought hard to gain, and we are now looking for partners who would like to jointly create something special, trust us and cooperate with us."

The facility, which covers 9,000 m2, is the world’s first fully-organic Atlantic salmon farm to use geothermal resources from 150 million years ago, namely water from the Lower Jurassic period.


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Set up in 2013, Jurassic Salmon opened the Janowo farm, in north-western Pomerania, in June 2015.