Investment Leads to Growth in Peru's Fishery Exports

27 February 2014, at 12:00am

PERU - From 2007-2013 non-traditional fishery exports registered an average annual growth of 13 per cent, thanks to major investments in the cannery and frozen sectors, reported the National Fisheries Society (SNP).

Non-traditional fishery shipments (canned and frozen fisheries and aquaculture) were valued at $1,060 million in 2013, up slightly from the previous year when they totaled $1.011 million.

The volume of total seafood exports grew at an average annual rate of six per cent in the period 2007 - 2013, said the SNP in its report entitled "Contributions to the Debate on Fisheries 1-2014: Relevance of the Fisheries Sector in the Peruvian Economy", reports Andina.

In 2012, Peru achieved the highest level of fish exports, with $3,310 million, of which $2,310 million were traditional exports (fishmeal and fish oil).

Last year, traditional shipments fell by $600 million to $1,700 million due to reduced fishing quota for the second season of 2012 and the limitations for fishing in the south of the existing regulatory regime.