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Innovation and Market Focus Creates Future for Norwegian Seafood Exports

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NORWAY - Innovation and product development are important for increasing seafood consumption. Terje E. Martinussen, CEO, Norwegian Seafood Council believes that last year's export record also says a lot about the future of Norwegian seafood.

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Norway exported seafood in 2013 for 61 billion, which is 17 per cent more than the year before. When Mr Martinussen summed up the year, he also took the opportunity to look ahead.

Potential for Fresh Cod

Norwegian exports of cod, saithe and haddock were ten billion in 2013. "Never have we sold more fresh cod or had more revenue from these exports than we had last year," said Mr Martinussen.

"People are interested in authentic cuisine. They want to know where their food comes from, it must be fresh, healthy and have quality. Cod fit into this trend, and we see many years of marketing has created expectations and demand of the product," said Tove Sleipnes, of the Norwegian Seafood Council.

By the year end, Norway exported 56 per cent more fresh cod than in 2012. The value of these exports were also 19 per cent higher.

"But, it will require innovation by industry. We have the technology to do so, so the challenge is to increasingly enable us to deliver outside of peak season. In addition, new products will be crucial, especially in the domestic market. We must develop new, convenient products to consumers. It will require increased innovation by manufacturers. We must constantly be better to see what the different markets want and call attention then product wise," said Mr Martinussen

Potential in Southeast Asia

Besides Europe, the Seafood Council sees great potential in Southeast Asia, a market of almost 600 million people. Seafood exports to the region grew by 40 per cent in 2013.