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Informed Silica+ to Replace Part Of Fish Meal in Shrimp Diet

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THAILAND - Ceresco Nutrition, a research company that is behind the new technology based on the transfer of vibratory information through an aqueous medium, says their product Silica+ will change the diet formulation in aquaculture feed industry.

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The study, conducted at the Prince of Songkla University (Thailand) and published in AQUA CULTURE Asia Pacific, revealed that the Silica+ feed supplement allows the reduction of fish meal from 15% to 7.5% in shrimp diet.

“The elevation of the protein utilization ratio and the protease activity in the gut of the shrimp receiving diets supplemented with Silica+ suggest that this product enhances protein digestion,” explained Dr Wutiporn Phromkunthong who supervised this study.

“Thus, adding Silica+ to feed will contribute to better growth performance and feed utilisation.”

As a result, a significant difference was observed between the experiment and control groups in terms of average body weight, final weight gain and feed conversion ratio.

“No ordinary silicon dioxide is capable of delivering this effect,” says Dr Raj Kasula, Veterinarian and Business Development Director.

“We use a high purity grade natural silicon dioxide from the quartz family, and inform it with a specific electromagnetic signal. This information is capable of exciting the water molecules in the intestine thus providing free electrons necessary to enhance the rate of all kinds of biochemical reactions.”

Silica+ works on the concept that all matter (physical, chemical, biological/organic) vibrates at a specific frequency and this vibration can be affected by external factors (bacteria, virus, toxins).

When added to feed, the supplement acts like a catalyst by imparting its electromagnetic information on all forms of matter to normalize their vibrations, restoring faster homeostasis of the digestive system. The animal becomes more efficient to digest, absorb and assimilate the nutrients, thus offering better growth and performance.

In addition, Silica+ increases dissolved oxygen in water and helps reduce ammonia in litter and manure.