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Improving The Industry Through Shellfish Study

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FRANCE - A national study on shellfish carried out in France ended this week, with over 48 recommendations made to address industry challenges.

Over 800 people have been involved in the shellfish studies, which commenced back in June.

These studies have established 48 recommendations to address the following challenges of the shellfish industry:

  • The future of the sector particularly in the context of excess mortality of young oysters;

  • The organisation of research and technical support in the shellfish industry;

  • The environmental and health issues;

  • The market for shellfish products and communication.

Based on these recommendations, Bruno Mayor - the Minister of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, announced the implementation of additional measures to support a three-year oyster plan proposed in May.

In 2011 the procurement plan of safeguards provided in the memorandum of agreement between IFREMER (the French research institute for exploitation of the sea) and producers, will be renewed.

A draft aqua-environmental financial measure will be developed to aid producers engaged in the maintenance of parks.

A national network of technical shellfish centres will be established.

The timetable for implementation of regional patterns of development of marine aquaculture statutory modernisation of agriculture and fisheries will be brought forward. This development will now be launched before the end of 2010.

There will be greater recognition of growing areas as "sensitive areas" as part of master and water management plans (SDAGE).

Each department will appoint a coastal shellfish delegate who will coordinate with government, to ensure that expectations of producers, particularly in terms of water quality and coastal development, are taken into account in the implementation of public policies.

As of the 1st March 2011, results from surveillance testing facilities will be known within 72 hours.

The shellfish industry will be represented of in the steering committee of the observatory of prices and margins increased by law to modernise agriculture and fisheries.

A monitoring group comprising representatives including professionals, Ifremer, local authorities and State departments, is responsible for supporting the implementation of the recommendations of Audience and the measures announced at that time.