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Icelandic Redfish Fishery Certified MSC Sustainable

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ICELAND - The Icelandic Sustainable Fisheries (ISF) golden redfish (Sebastes marinus) fishery has been MSC certified as a sustainable and well-managed fishery following a 17th month assessment.

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Independent auditors Vottunarstofan Tún ehf, identified sustainable stocks, sustainable environmental impacts and good management of golden redfish. It is the first MSC certified golden redfish fishery in the world.

The certification includes a commitment to new scientific research and a robust, time-bound action plan that will help to protect coral garden habitats and sponge aggregations. The new research will examine the fishery’s impact on individual species on the seabed and put measures in place to help to protect them from damage by fishing operations.

World’s first MSC certified sustainable redfish fishery brings new measures to protect seabeds

Protecting the marine environment

Gunnlaugur Eiríksson, spokesperson for ISF, said: “Certified sustainable redfish is an important result for Iceland Sustainable Fisheries. We take pride in having the first MSC certified redfish fishery. Again showing the markets that the seafood industry in Iceland is leading in sustainable fishing.

“Redfish is an important species for our markets in Germany and I hope that this certification and our new commitments will encourage German shoppers and retailers to choose Icelandic MSC certified sustainable redfish.

“Protecting the ocean floor and reducing our benthic impact is of vital importance to ISF. Iceland is a natural home for sustainable fishing, we are proud of our sustainable heritage and welcome the opportunity to work further with WWF and the Smart Fishing Initiative as the certification progresses.”

Gisli Gislason, from the MSC says: “This is the world’s first golden redfish fishery to gain the MSC certification as a well-managed and sustainable fishery. During the assessment we have felt clearly the interest, both from eNGO’s and the market. The eNGO involvement has led to an improved client action plan. We hope that strong demand for MSC certified redfish will incentivise other redfish fisheries to enter into full assessment and make necessary improvements.

“MSC certified fisheries have a strong history of generating improvements with 575 improvements completed across 125 fisheries to date. These improvements are only possible thanks to the support from shoppers, retailers and NGOs and I am confident that MSC certified sustainable ISF golden redfish will prove a popular choice. By choosing MSC certified Icelandic golden redfish, shoppers will be helping to support a sustainable fishery and long-term protection for delicate ocean floor ecosystems.”