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Greenpeace Founder Defends Fish Farming

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CANADA - One of the founders and long-time leaders of Greenpeace, Patrick Moore is voicing a stinging attack on environmentalist groups for their opposition towards salmon and shrimp aquaculture.

Greenpeace opposes the farming of salmon, shrimp, and other species even though this takes pressure off wild stocks, provides employment farming the sea, and produces some of the healthiest foods at affordable prices, Mr Moore explained to

On the other hand, reports that Greenpeace say that Rapid development and expansion of intensive aquaculture for species such as salmon and shrimp has, for example, resulted in widespread degradation of the environment and the displacement of coastal fishing and farming communities."

Mr Moore was an active figure in Greenpeace from 1971 to 1986, serving as president of the Greenpeace Foundation in Vancouver. He is now chairman and chief scientist at Greenspirit Strategies Ltd.

In light of the recent outbreak of Infectious Salmon Anemia (ISA) in Chile, some practices, such as the use of antibiotics in salmon farming, have come under attack by environmental groups.

Mr Moore has said that the amount of antibiotics used in salmon farming do not compare to that of more traditional livestock.

He told "Whereas these livestock are on low-dose antibiotics for more than 50 per cent of their lives, onlythree per cent of salmon feed is medicated. Many salmon farms are now completely antibiotic-free and some are able to qualify for "organic" status."

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