Government Warns Responsible Consumption of Shellfish over Easter

28 March 2013, at 12:00am

ARGENTINA - With the approach of Easter and the consequent increase in the consumption of fish, the National Health and Quality (SENASA) released a set of guidelines to avoid eating shellfish exposed to red tide episodes and prevent gastrointestinal, neurological disorders and even breathing difficulties.

To date, on the coastline of the province of Buenos Aires, a ban on shellfish harvesting has been in place due to the presence of red tide.

To avoid risks, the Laboratory Center for the Southern Regional Senasa Buenos Aires recommends:

  • Do not collect molluscs and / or shellfish on beaches for home consumption.
  • Do not purchase from local street vendors or fishermen who do not have authorization.
  • Only eat shellfish from fish markets, restaurants and food outlets duly authorized.

Red tides usually occur in coastal Buenos Aires and can affect the health of those who consume seafood taken from the closed areas, contaminated with biotoxins.