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Government Offers Alternatives to End Trawling

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ECUADOR - The Minister of Agriculture, Livestock, Aquaculture and Fisheries (MAGAP) Javier Ponce said that trawling not only produces an impact on marine resources, it also affects the fishing industry, which generates employment for thousands of families in Ecuador.

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He recalled that the government banned trawling two years ago.

The Government offered several alternatives, such as fishing for other species such as hake and eel, for which special credits can be accessed through the National Development Bank.

In addition, the government adjusted the deadline of the end of trawling with the start of the hunting season, which is December 15, at which time the boats must find an alternate activity.

They are about 107 ships that trawl plus a few thousand crew, so the unemployment rate, as reported, is exaggerated. He added that some stakeholders have spoken with the Deputy Minister of Aquaculture and Fisheries, to coordinate actions for a change of activity.

"Any company starting hake or eel fishingh ave the obligation to hire a crew from trawling. However, you must have a specific quota, it can not be opened fully, as you run the risk of depleting the resource," said the Minister.