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Government Denies Use Of Antibiotics In Salmon

by 5m Editor
15 December 2009, at 12:00am

CHILE - Denying information about the use of antibiotics in salmon farming has resulted in the Chilean Agriculture and Livestock Service (SAG) facing a reclaim in the Council for Transparency presented by Oceana.

Under the recently enacted Law of Access to Public Information, Oceana asked SAG about the reports, background and documents that have served to support the authorities decision to allow the use of antibiotics such as quinolones in Chilean salmon farming. According to Oceana, SAG answered that the pharmaceutical laboratories are opposed to delivering such information and, therefore, the Service is disabled to deliver the required information.

Oceana’s chairman, Álex Muñoz said: “We know the Chilean salmon industry uses huge amounts of antibiotics. We sadly regret that SAG and laboratories are refusing access to information that is vital to know whether the abuse of those drugs can cause harm to public health or the environment. We hope that the Council for Transparency reverses this decision and grants our claim”.

According to official data provided by the Ministry of Economy this year, the Chilean salmon industry used 385,635 kilos of antibiotics in 2007 (600 times more than the Norwegian industry in the same year) and 325,616 on 2008.


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