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GLOBALCAP's New Aquaculture Standard

GENERAL - A new certification system promises full segregation and traceability of certified products which can be checked with a supporting Chain of Custody certification.

According to GLOBALGAP, their new Aquaculture standards cover not only good aquaculture practices on the farm, but enables the farmer to provide evidence that feed and seedlings entering the farm activities are also GLOBALGAP recognized.

GLOBALGAP Tilapia and Pangasius draft standards were available for two public stakeholder consultations, each period of 60 days. Feedback from all over the world together with trial audits of the draft standards, supports applicability and audit-ability of the criteria.

Trial audits were performed in Vietnam, China, USA, Costa Rica and Colombia by GLOBALGAP approved Certification Bodies for the Aquaculture scope.

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The growth story 
of Nireus, Greece

Like all Mediterranean producers, Nireus has a strong need to market their product as fresh, affordable and high quality fish, with traceability as an important asset. Building a stable future for the company on both technical and business knowledge, Nireus realizes that a healthy economy in aquaculture can only be built on healthy fish.

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