Gael Force group strengthens aquaculture commitment

21 April 2016, at 1:00am

UK - The Gael Force name is already synonymous with mooring systems and the company has a strong track record in the aquaculture market having worked closely with the industry to build up a relationship with fish farm operators throughout Scotland and Ireland. Moving forward they have developed a new, bespoke mooring system, conceived and designed to deliver higher security for lower cost.

The SeaQureMoor system offers higher performance, longer life and lower system maintenance for a given weight in key components. Handling and logistics costs are reduced as are deployment costs due to lower weight to performance and SeaQureMoor’s ability to be pre-assembled and therefore rapidly deployed.

The system comprises six components and at the heart of the system is the SeaQureLink; designed for use with rope, slings or chain using SeaQureFast fibre connectors and SeaQureFlex bridles.


The New SeaQureHold mooring anchor has Super-High holding power.

SeaQureLink provides critical ballast for the system with ease of deployment and in-service management is maintenance free and has an extremely high break load and long life.

SeaQureHold is a super high holding power anchor, fast setting and less than half the weight of equivalent, conventional anchors for a given holding power. The mooring buoys, SeaQureBuoys, with pre-tensioned high strength lifting chain give progressively increasing buoyancy, can house lights or other fittings and have no metal to metal moving parts reducing maintenance and buoy losses.

SeaQureLine 8-strand and 3-strand ropes provide a higher strength to weight ratio than conventional synthetic ropes, high Thousand Cycle Load Levels and superior abrasion resistance.

SeaQureLine’s breaking strengths allow a smaller size of rope to be used for a given break load meaning smaller sizing of other mooring components thereby giving lower system costs.

The first grid system using the SeaQureLink mooring node was deployed at Loch Duart’s sea water farm site in Sutherland. The system was pre-rigged and assembled beforehand by Gael Force’s team of experienced riggers in Inverness. Once ready, it was then loaded into a container and shipped to Loch Duart’s site in the North West of Scotland.


The SeaQureLink on deck of the MV Nitrox ready to deploy.

The 2 x 5 cage system was installed by Colin Bell of Seahorse Aquaculture. Owner and skipper of the MV Nitrox, the vessel used in the installation, Colin has many years experience in laying grid systems, and said he was impressed with how quick and easy the deployment went.

He praised how easy and quick it was to install, saying: "It was a very straight forward process. As it was delivered in a container beforehand, we lifted the whole system onto the Nitrox. Once on site, the grid was laid out on the deck, connected to the first set of anchors and from then took just 30 minutes to lay the initial system."

Gael Force will have the complete range of SeaQureMoor components on display at the Aquaculture UK exhibition in Aviemore this May.