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Funds Earmarked for Ohio Aquaculture Projects

by 5m Editor
13 October 2009, at 1:00am

OHIO, US - More than $1.1 million have been earmarked for two aquaculture projects in the state.

US Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio announced that the US Senate passed more than $644,000 in new federal funds for Ohio projects that support agricultural development, according to Ohio Ag Connection. The funding, which was secured by Senator Brown, was included in the 2010 Agriculture Appropriations Act of 2010.

The projects include:

  • $500,000 for a study into viral haemorrhagic septicaemia (VHS) at the University of Toledo. Funding will be used to study the emerging VHS disease. This strain of virus broke out in Lake Erie and caused massive fish die-offs that threatened fisheries, economic development and tourism.
  • $623,000 for Ohio Aquaculture Research at Ohio State University. The funds will support the Ohio Center for Aquaculture Development (OCAD) at Ohio State University South Centers at Piketon to increase the productivity, innovation and profitability of Ohio and Midwest aquaculture operations.

The Fiscal Year 2010 Agriculture Appropriation Act must still be discussed with the version passed by the US House of Representatives before heading to the President' desk for signature.


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