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Fish Vet Group Inc Opens for Business in the States

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US - Benchmark Holdings Ltd has announced the expansion of its aquaculture health business, the Fish Vet Group (FVG), into the Americas.

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FVG has appointed a team of aquaculture health specialists at its USA office in Portland, Maine. Hernan Pizarro and Jason Collins join FVG Inc. to provide aquaculture health services to producers of farmed fish, shellfish and crustaceans across the Americas.

Mr Pizarro and Mr Collins will be joined by James Hoare who will take up position as the group’s Director of Veterinary Services following his relocation from FVG Inverness.

Talking at the FVG office in Inverness, Scotland, FVG’s Director Tony Wall, said: “Our growth in the USA is demand-led. The aquaculture industry is young and vibrant in the Americas, and its accelerating growth brings many challenges, especially in the health and welfare of species that are new to commercial production for the food chain. Positioning a team of top aquaculture health experts at the heart of America’s aquaculture region, within Portland’s marine science district at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute, brings us closer to our customers. It enables us to further develop our partner relationships, quickly diagnose and treat any health or welfare issues and help aquaculturists implement sustainable fish health and welfare programmes at every stage of production.”

Technical Services Director Hernan Pizarro added: “FVG is one of very few companies with the expertise and the right approach to truly provide a total aquaculture health offering. It is small enough to progress ideas to market quickly but mature enough to understand industry issues. We are delighted to join such a well established company and are looking forward to developing in the Americas the same high quality of service FVG is renowned for in Europe and Asia.”