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NEW YORK, US - Empire State Development today announced that Local Ocean, LLC, a seafood manufacturing company, plans to establish a controlled environment aquaculture fish farming project in New Yorks Capital Region.

The estimated $10.7 million project will allow the company to establish operations in Columbia County and is expected to create 53 new full time jobs and seven contract positions over the next three years.

“The 53 green jobs that will be created by Local Ocean’s investment is a tribute to the Hudson Valley’s potential to be a leader in Upstate New York’s green revolution,” said Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. “I look forward to continuing to work with Empire State Development to attract more businesses and jobs to areas of New York that need investment most.”

“Columbia County has a great deal to offer employers, particularly green industries like Local Ocean. I commend Local Ocean for choosing this location and Empire State Development and the Columbia Hudson Partnership for working with Local Ocean to put down roots in Columbia County,” said Senator Stephen M. Saland. “I look forward to working with our new employer as well as with Empire State Development on our shared mission to bring more jobs to the region.”

"Columbia County's economy has been hit particularly hard. I am so glad all levels of government came together to assist in bringing Local Ocean to our community," said State Assemblyman Marcus Molinaro. "It is just this kind of team work that will help us turn the corner and grow green collar jobs and invest in smart economic development. We must continue to improve our state's economy and act boldly to grow new jobs. Welcome home Local Ocean."

“We are thrilled to see such promising development in the Capital Region,” said Empire State Development Upstate President Dennis M. Mullen. “According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, there will be a 70 percent increase in the global demand for seafood by the year 2030. Commercial aquaculture is the world’s fastest growing food production method and ESD is pleased to work with Local Ocean to further expand the industry, right here in New York State.”

"As a part of a growing industry our project aims at replacing fish imports, generating aquaculture know-how and creating employment in the US,” said Efraim Bason, CEO of Local Ocean. “We are honored to work with the people at CEDC, HVADC, Empire State Development and the Columbia County community as a whole. Their welcoming, team-working attitude and open-minded approach to our project made our location choice clear.”

"We are proud to have played a role in bringing Local Ocean LLC to Columbia County, and in helping to create more than 50 new jobs,” said Deborah VanAmerongen, commissioner of the Division of Housing and Community Renewal (DHCR). “The $175,000 grant DHCR provided is an investment that will pay dividends and strengthen the Capital Region's local economy."

"I would like to thank Empire State Development, Division of Housing and Community Renewal and Senator Gillibrand in working together with the County to bring this exciting project to Columbia County,” said Art Baer, Chairman of the Columbia County Board of Supervisors. “I would also like to thank Local Ocean for selecting our County and having the confidence in our community."

Local Ocean will acquire and renovate 40K+ square feet of the former Acme Building on Route 9 in the Town of Greenport. This space was leased and used by Kaz Manufacturing and is being vacated as part of Kaz's downsizing. The company also plans to purchase and install new machinery and equipment and train employees associated with the establishment of a sustainable aquaculture fish farming operation. The facility will use a closed filtered system to raise commercial quantities of both freshwater and saltwater fish. Local Ocean will grow a variety of species according to market demands and will supply seafood markets and retailers throughout the northeast United States. A $175,000 grant has been committed by Empire State Development to help offset the costs for this project.

Local Ocean is a joint venture between Sanit Group, a Brooklyn-based holding company and Grow Fish Anywhere Inc. (GFA), an Israeli company. Sanit Group will provide management, marketing and distribution expertise, while GFA owns a unique technology for raising fish.

The advantages of the GFA closed environment system versus traditional fish farming include:

minimum water loss of only 1 percent due to evaporation; high output density of 100 kilograms fish per cubic meter of water, compared to an output of 10 kilograms in existing aquaculture systems; no environmental pollution, as there is no discharged waste water; mercury and lead free fish; and relatively low maintenance and transport costs. The system will use less energy with only two electric pumps, fully-recycled water supply to minimize heating requirements and a passive solar design to assist with lighting and heating