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FCI Conducts Pilot Aquaculture Stewardship Council Trout Audit in Turkey

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TURKEY - Food Certification International (FCI) is currently carrying out its first Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) pilot trout audit for a fish farm company in Turkey.

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The pilot audits being undertaken by FCI are in effect a test run of the ASC's finalised Freshwater Trout standards. The Standards were developed via an international, multi-stakeholder process involving many experts from around the world over a period of six years with support from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

"We are pleased to contribute to the ASC Trout Standard development by conducting these pilot audits," said Paul Macintyre – FCI’s Aquaculture Director.

"ASC use a metrics based audit system focusing on environmental impact, social best practice, human resources, occupational health and safety, and protecting biodiversity. It is important their development is field tested in a number of countries so they may be applied appropriately and fairly."

Kilic Group of companies in Turkey were keen to be tested against the new ASC Trout Standard at their trout farm in Kahramanmara? in the eastern part of the country.

Berk Tosun, the manager responsible for quality and projects at Kilic Trout Operations, said: “As a company Kilic seeks to adopt best practice and the ASC standard is a reference for incorporating environmental sustainability into our future business expectations."

Once the ASC Trout standard is finalised, FCI will then be able to undertake full assessments.

Paul Macintyre says: "Our extensive experience in certifying aquaculture and sustainable seafood products, including certification under the Marine Stewardship Council standards for wild-capture fisheries and GlobalGAP Integrated Farm Assurance for aquaculture makes FCI well qualified to conduct these audits.”

At the end of last year, FCI successfully completed the first pilot audit in the United Kingdom against the ASC Salmon standard.