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Farmed Rainbow Trout Achieve Friend of the Sea Eco-Certification

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ITALY - The farming site Fattoria del Pesce srl, consisting of farmers with decades of experience in land-based aquaculture, works in the heart of the Natural Park of the Ticino Valley, using production facilities built at the end of the 50's by some of the Italian pioneers of trout farming.


Trout farming takes place in a flow-through system made up of long shallow tanks with continuously flowing water coming from the spring waters available in this area. The trouts are reared following their natural growth pattern which depends on local environmental and water parameters like temperatures and oxygen and in respect of the local veterinary legislation. These paramenters determine the productive performance of the trouts.

Fattoria del Pesce Srl farming site and processing factory, have undergone audit for the Rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) production and were found to be in conformity with all Friend of the Sea sustainable aquaculture requirements.

During the assessment process the company provided water parameters and energy balance information as well as all accurate documents attesting compliance of the farming site management system with FOS standards. Maintenance and control procedures, in particular a system of grid to prevent birds, herons in particular, to be injured were found to be compliant after having put in practice FOS required corrective actions.

A specific study based on the analysis of sensitive environmental indicators, allowed to assess the impact on the surrounding ecosystem. Every single stretch of water affected by the production process was analyzed and the results showed that the impact is to be considered extremely low.

We know that Friend of the Sea certification represents an important added value for our production and we are proud to have achieved a positive evaluation against all audit requirements, comments Mr. Maurizio Grispan Director of La Fattoria del Pesce.