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Export Trend of Viet Nam Seafood to Main Markets

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VIET NAM - In the first nine months of 2014, Viet Nam sold seafood to 166 markets around the world. The US, EU, China and South Korea raised their proportion out of the countrys total seafood sales while exports to Japan and other markets contracted, reports VASEP.

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The US

  • It’s the largest importer of Viet Nam seafood. US made up 22.5 per cent of Viet Nam’s total seafood exports, 28 per cent of shrimp sales, 20.5 per cent of pangasius exports with, 35.5 per cent of tuna exports from Viet Nam.

  • Viet Nam seafood exports to the US reached $1.3 billion, up 23 per cent in which shrimp sales made up 63 per cent, pangasius with 18 per cent, tuna with 9.8 per cent, cephalopod with 7.1 per cent.

  • Shrimp sales to the US represented the highest growth of 51 per cent to hit $821 million while pangasius exports to the market downed 17 per cent with the value of $241 million, tuna sales were $128 million, down 13 per cent.

  • Slide in Viet Nam shrimp sales to the US in August and September (down 2.3 per cent and 22.8 per cent, respectively) was due to pressure from results of the eighth antidumping duty administrative review (POR8)


  • It is ranked the second position in importing seafood from Viet Nam. EU made up 18.2 percent of Viet Nam seafood exports; 16.9 per cent of shrimp; 20.4 per cent of pangasius exports, 27.7 per cent of tuna exports and 17 per cent of cephalopod.

  • Viet Nam seafood exports to EU reached $1 billion, up 27 per cent in which shrimp sales made up 47 per cent, pangasius exports took 25 per cent, tuna with 9.5 per cent, cephalopod with 9.8 per cent.

  • Shrimp sales was the main momentum to create the continuous growth in total seafood exports of each month to the market. Shrimp exports to EU were boosted thanks to rising demand and decline in exports of competitors.

  • Shrimp shipment to EU up 88 per cent, cephalopod up 15 per cent while pangasius down 8.4 per cent, tuna down four per ent.


  • Japan is the third largest market. Japan made up 14.9 per cent of Viet Nam’s total seafood exports, shrimp with 18 per cent, cephalopod with 23 per cent and surimi with 12 per cent.

  • In Jan-Sep 2014, Viet Nam seafood sales to Japan touched $863 million, up 5.6 per cent year on year. Shrimp exports to the market up 6.5 per cent, tuna down 49 per cent and cephalopod down 5.4 per cent.

  • Shrimp sales in QII/2014 fell resulted from inspection decisions on antibiotic oxytetracycline (OTC). However, exports of the item began to recover in August and September thanks to high demand for Christmas and New Year holiday.

  • Tuna exports to Japan remained the drastic reduction due to its strict requirements on the quality of tuna.

China & Hong Kong

  • It is the third largest single market of Vie tnam seafood after the US and EU. China made up 8.3 per cent of Viet Nam’s seafood exports, shrimp with 11.2 per cent, cephalopod with five per cent, surimi with 15.5 per cent, crab with 3.6 per cent.

  • Out of Viet Nam’s total seafood exports to China, shrimp accounted for 73 per cent with the sales of $328 million, up 28 per cent; pangasius with 17 per cent; mollusk four per cent; other marine finfish with 9.6 per cent. Shrimp exports dominated the trend of seafood exports to the market.

  • Seafood exports to the market in June and July 2014 slowed down because of East Sea tensions affecting to attitude of exporters and importers of two countries. Exports in August and September reported the positive growth of 13-108 per cent.

South Korea

  • Vietnam seafood exports to South Korea reached $475 million. Korea made up 8.2 per cent of Viet Nam’s total seafood exports; shrimp with 7.9 per cent, cephalopod with 34.8 per cent, surimi with 32.4 per cent.

  • Among Viet Nam’s total seafood exports to Korea, shrimp sales took the highest proportion of 49 per cent; cephalopod with 26 per cent, marine finfish with 24 per cent.

  • Sales of these three main items reported the growth in Jan-Sep 2014: Shrimp up 85 per cent, cephalopod with 32 per cent, marine finfish with eight per cent. As a result, total seafood exports to the market saw high and continuous growth in each month.

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