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Ecuador on target to smash shrimp export record

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Industry experts have estimated that Ecuador has achieved a new shrimp export record - with over 1.4 billion pounds, worth US $3.6 billion, thought to have been exported during 2019.

The latest data shows that 1.2 billion pounds, worth US $3.375 billion, were exported between January and the end of November, an increase of 27 percent compared to the same period of 2018. And National Chamber of Aquaculture (CNA), believes that, December's sales would have helped the country to a clear export record - over 1.4 billion pounds, worth US 3.6 billion - and cement Ecuador as the world’s second largest shrimp exporter after India.

José Antonio Camposano, president of the CNA, told El Comercio that this increase was largely due to investments made over the last five years, which have enabled the sector to improve shrimp genetics and nutrition, improved husbandry techniques and the introduction of automatic feeders, as well as increase the volume of ponds used by the sector.

According to Camposano, the advances have allowed producers to grow larger and more robust shrimp

China is still the main market for Ecuadorian shrimp, accounting for 55 percent of the export volumes .