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Cooke Aquaculture Feed Barge Sinks Off Brier Island

25 October 2016, at 1:00a.m.

CANADA - A feed barge owned by Cooke Aquaculture has sunk off Brier Island, Digby County.

The barge was described as 'small' and Cooke Aquaculture spokeswoman Nell Halse said divers plugged the barge's outlets to prevent liquids from leaking into the water.

"It would have been minimal, whatever was released," Ms Halse said.

The company also reported the sinking straight away to Nova Scotia authorities.

According to CBCNews, Ms Halse said no fish or feed are believed to have been lost, and no one was on board or injured.

The vessel has now been drained and brought to shore. Cooke Aquaculture is now investigating what caused the barge to sink.

So far it appears the vessel sank due to a mechanical or human error, Mr Halse said.

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