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Conference Outlines China's Fisheries Safety

28 January 2015, at 12:00am

CHINA - The Chinese Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) held a video conference on national fisheries safety on 26 January, 2015.

The Conference conveyed the instructions of the Work Safety Committee of the State Council on strengthening work safety, summarised the work of fisheries safety in 2014 and mapped out the priorities of fisheries safety in 2015.

The Conference commended the achievements in fisheries safety in 2014, noting that, despite the frequent affliction of natural disasters, the work safety in fisheries remained satisfactory throughout the year, with effective measures and intensified supervision. Both the number of accidents and the number of deaths have markedly dropped.

The attendees thoroughly reviewed the status quo of fisheries safety and pointed out that the fisheries safety and disaster prevention and mitigation capacity have been greatly improved with years of efforts. But we are still faced with some stern challenges, such as weak infrastructure, insufficient awareness and skills, collision of fishing vessels with commercial vessels, etc.

The Conference urged competent fishery authorities at all levels to pay more attention to fisheries safety, improve infrastructure, strengthen work safety regulations, and enhance coordination with maritime and work safety supervision authorities, in a bid to maintain sound and stable fisheries development in 2015.

Senior officials from the State Administration of Work Safety, Safety Committee Office and competent departments of MOA and provincial level fisheries authorities attended the video conference.

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