Biodroga Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplements Certified Friend of the Sea Sustainable

8 October 2014, at 1:00am

CANADA - Omega 3 fish oil supplements distributed by Canadian company Biodroga Inc. are now carrying Friend of the Sea seal of approval, following a successful audit.

Fish oils are sourced from Peruvian anchovies, European sardines, tuna trimmings and Antarctic krill. All species are fished by Friend of the Sea approved purse seiners in areas where stocks are not over-exploited and fleets are sustainably managed.

Biodroga purchases oils only from Friend of the Sea approved suppliers for products bearing the Friend of the Sea logo. A certified Chain of Custody guarantees the sustainable origin of the products.

“We are proud to be now certified Friend of the Sea. Sustainability has been part of our company values for many years and we are proud to further our commitment. Integrating the FOS-certified oils in our current traceability, purity and quality standards will increase our customer’s commitment to providing an eco-responsible product to the consumer," commented Mr Marc Vaugeois, Vice President of Biodroga.