BFAR Creates Quick Response Team to Combat Illegal Fishing

8 June 2012, at 1:00am

PHILIPPINES - The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR-7) in Central Visayas created a ninemember Quick Response Team (QRT) in line with the intensified goal of the government to eradicate illegal fishing activities in the country.

Effective from 1 June this year, the team started their 24/7 task of going after illegal fishers in an effort to abolish the illegal fishing practices.

The team is joining forces with other law enforcement agencies like the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), the Local Government Units (LGUs) as well as other fishery and environmental law enforcement agencies so as to lessen and control illegal fishing and fishery activities that threaten the source of income of the fishing communities.

The QRT also aim to intensify and to strictly follow the directive issued by BFAR Director Asis G. Perez calling for sea protection and the implementation of measures to make sure that the people will have the full benefits of the marine resources without harming its natural condition.

In particular, the team will implement the market denial strategy that prohibits fish stocks caught using illegal forms such as dynamite and cyanide to be sold in the markets.

On 11 - 20 June, the QRT will undergo Capability Building and Skills Training on Fishery Protection and Law Enforcement in which, part two of the training deals on Tactical Aspect focuses on Gun Handling and Safety to be hosted by BFAR from Central Visayas.

Under the supervision of BFAR 7 Regional Director Andres M. Bojos, the QRT which is composed of five licensed Criminologists, two licensed Fishery Technologists, one Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, and one LLB graduate, will be on board M/V DA-BFAR for a week to get offshore and fisheries trainings, researches, experiments, oceanographic studies, and exploration.