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BC Salmon Farmers Support Health and Stroke Foundation

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CANADA - British Columbian Salmon Farmers have come together to highlight the importance of salmon in your diet. A donation of $5,000 has been made to the Heart and Stoke Foundation, in honour of all working to ensure salmon remain a dietary and environmental staple.

"We are providing a healthy food source in a way that's sustainable for the future. This is key to the long-term health of our communities - as is education and continued research like that supported by the Heart and Stroke Foundation," said Mary Ellen Walling, Executive Director of the BC Salmon Farmers Association (BCSFA.

There's a personal connection too between the BCSFA and the work of the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Three years ago, Walling suffered a stroke and has since fully recovered. The advancement of research and public education by the Heart and Stroke Foundation has helped many people better understand stroke and heart health issues.

"It's a message that is very important to me," said Walling. "It's key that people know how to best manage heart and stroke risks - eating salmon, with its high Omega-3 fatty acid content can protect our health."

As the world's population continues to increase its consumption of salmon, the province's salmon farmers continue to provide a renewable source of this important supplement that doesn't further challenge wild salmon stocks.

The donation is particularly timely as the Heart and Stroke Foundation moves into their educational Stroke Month, held in June each year.