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Australis and AquaGen Enter Long Term Agreement on Salmon Egg Production

2 December 2013, at 12:00am

CHILE - Australis Seafoods and AquaGen have announced long term cooperation on salmon genetics and egg production in Chile.

The agreement implies that AquaGen enters into a long term delivery agreement of genetically improved salmon eggs with Australis Seafoods.

In addition, AquaGen will acquire the majority of the assets of the wholly owned subsidiary of Australis Seafoods, Landcatch Chile SA.

“This is an important milestone for AquaGen in our effort to strengthen our position as the leading provider of genetics to the global salmon industry,” said Espen Müller, CEO of AquaGen.

“We are very happy to be the sole provider of salmon genetics to Australis Seafoods, and we take this as a strong vote of confidence from an important player in the industry,” Espen Müller noted, adding, "the investment in production related infrastructure further enhances our ability to serve the Chilean market with high performing salmon genetics the year around in a foreseeable manner, and it demonstrates Aqua Gen´s long term commitment to the Chilean salmon industry.”

“We have identified genetics and access to the best starting material into our production as one of the key areas in order to improve profitability. The agreement with AquaGen is therefore of great importance for our strategic development going forward,” said Ricardo Misraij, CEO of Australis Seafoods.

Landcatch Natural Selection, supported by the global resources of Hendrix Genetics, issued a statement saying it will continue to work side-by-side with its other partners in Chile to continue extending its genetic services and egg production operations as the industry expands in the coming years.

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