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Assessment of Fraser River Sockeye Salmon

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CANADA - A stock assessment on the Fraser River sockeye runs, plan fisheries, and discuss sockeye migration conditions in the Fraser River watershed, by the Fraser River Panel shows that the marine migration of Fraser sockeye through Johnstone Strait and Juan de Fuca Strait has declined over the past week.

However, there is still a steady migration of these sockeye en route to the Fraser River.

DNA analyses indicate that Late-run sockeye are the dominant run-timing group in the marine assessment areas, with Summer-run sockeye comprising a low proportion of the migratory abundance.

The diversion rate of Fraser sockeye through Johnstone Strait is presently estimated to be approximately 95 per cent. The migration of sockeye past Mission has been lower over the past few days, while the migration of sockeye past Hells Gate continues to be strong.

The estimated total commercial catch of Fraser sockeye to-date is 8,683,000 fish, while non-commercial catches (from test, First Nations FSC, Charter, and recreational fisheries) total 911,000 fish.

The run size is estimated at 3,700,000 Early Summer-run sockeye which is unchanged.

The estimated escapement of Early Summer-run sockeye past Mission through 2 September is 2,653,000 fish.

The marine migration of Summer-run sockeye is nearing completion.

The run size estimate for Summer-run sockeye of 4,800,000 fish was unchanged. The estimated escapement of Summer-run sockeye past Mission through 2 September is 3,015,000 fish.

Current assessments suggest that slightly under 17,000,000 Late-run sockeye are presently delaying.

The Panel approved an increase in the run size estimate for Late Shuswap/Weaver sockeye from 20,000,000 fish to 24,000,000 fish and at the meeting today; this run size estimate was unchanged.

The Panel is continuing to use the forecast run size for the Birkenhead stock-group of 241,000 fish, during fisheries planning. The total run size estimate for Late-run sockeye is 25,441,000 fish. The estimated escapement of Late-run sockeye past Mission through September 2 is 2,227,000 fish.

Migration conditions for sockeye in the Fraser River are currently satisfactory, the panel said.

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