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Asda Asked to End Relationship with Wester Ross Fisheries

13 December 2013, at 12:00am

UK - The Salmon and Trout Association Scotland (S&TA) has asked supermarket chain Asda to end its relationship with Wester Ross Fisheries Limited, a company showcased in Asdas magazine in July this year, because of its sea-lice record.

The very latest quarterly sea lice report (for July to September 2013) published by the salmon farming industry reveals that in the ‘Kennart to Gruinard’ region of the north-west Highlands, where there are seven farms operated by two companies, Wester Ross Fisheries Limited and Scottish Sea Farms Limited, adult female sea-lice numbers were over the industry’s own threshold for all three months, said the S&TA.

Hugh Campbell Adamson, Chairman of S&TA, said: “The sea-lice numbers in the region where Wester Ross Fisheries have all their marine farms are shocking and the salmon farmers in these areas have lost all control. We call on Asda to make a stand and end its relationship with Wester Ross Fisheries Limited in the interests of the conservation of Scotland’s iconic wild salmon and sea trout.

"Nor is this message just for Asda. All supermarkets must stop hiding behind opaque certification schemes that mean little in practice. They need to take an honest look at their producers and where they are found wanting, where they are causing damage to wild fish conservation, those producers should be dropped.”


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