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Argentina Approves New Aquaculture Act to Drive Development

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ARGENTINA - With the importance of aquaculture growing in the country, Argentina has approved an aquaculture act.

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The Argentinian Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Carlos Casamiquela, explained that fish consumption in the country has now reached 9kg per capita per year and is expected to increase to 12kg by 2020, making increasing fish from aquaculture all the more important.

The country has great potential for aquaculture development due to its long coastline (over 3000 km) and a wealth of continental water resources (over 30,000 m3 of fresh water)

The labour required to work in the aquaculture industry will also strengthen local economies, said the Minister.

The newly approved aquaculture act will improve the regulatory framework and promotion, easing access to credit.

The act will also expand the potential of working with foreign markets and promote value-added production.

It also includes both family farming and industrialized production, and provides legal framework regulating the activity, promoting growth and their harmonious development.