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Areas Closing for Crab Fishing as Research Takes Place

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NORWAY - Several areas in eastern Finnmark will be periodically closed for catching crab from 4 to 13 September 2012.

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In conjunction with the Marine Institute's population surveys of king crabs in Eastern Finnmark, in the areas of Varanger Fjord, Tana and Laksefjord, the fisheries are to be closed to hunting during the period 4 to 13 September.


  • Inner parts of Varanger (west of E 29 05 ', the line between Byluft in the south and in the north Klubbvik).
  • Neidenfjord, Kjfjorden, Bugyfjorden - in the north in a straight line from the Bugoy Throwing Holmen and on to Kjya.
  • In the south-west of a line from Skogeryneset to Buholmen.


  • Inner parts of Vestertana - within a line from Alteberget and eastwards
  • Langfjorden - in a straight line between Langfjord headland and Digermulen
  • Hopsfjorden - in a straight line between Langfjord headland and Segelneset.


  • Inner part of Eidsfjorden - in a straight line between Hovde neck to Hysneset
  • Inner part of Laksefjiorden in the west - in a straight line from ears to Russ Stein headland on the Electricity Holmen
  • Lille Porsanger - in a straight line between Veidgamneset and Veidnesholmen.

Questions about the areas not affected by the closure may be directed to the IMR by phone 992 37 815 992 37 815 .

Closures will have a duration of up to two days.